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The original wiki-wiki (apparently Hawaiian for quick) has been well described before; see the Portland Pattern Repository for more information... I was explaining the wiki concept to Stefan today and he asked about the connection between wiki and WikiPedia. This WIKI gives us an open ended tool or environment for expressing ourselves, putting our abstracts and papers on line and, if we employ it in certain attitude, may act as a kernel around which coherent collaborative conversational textual interaction can arise emergently. See our WikiPedia entry for an example; any time you find a hyperlinked question mark e.g. "?" think of it as an 'invitation to contribute some text'. The core idea of a WIKI is that semantic connections can expand outward from any point in a text. A WIKI plus a SimpleMarkup[+] scheme ,see StructuredText exemplifies the dynamic hyperlinking possibilities of a 'multiply connected "web" whose interconnections evolve with time' as envisaged in Tim Berners-Lee's "March 1989 proposal": for a generic-client-server-gateway-server-hypertext system. You will need to login first to edit any page. The MindStorms page or the RDSGettingStarted page for example.