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Another bonus is that your outlook file becomes easier to identify (from the tangle of the full Office installation), and isolate into a data area on volumes like a D: drive or other.

A couple of things to look out for...

  1. To direct outlook to use my private pst file, Tools | E-mail Accounts | and select New Outlook Data file, click away and you'll soon get a browse button to locate your private file.
  2. Default outlook personal folder, this should refer to the protected pst file, if it doesn't (and it points instead to a default file in the outlook installation what you've got to do is Tools | E-mail Accounts | and change the selection for deliver new e-mail to the following location to point at the personal folder mapped to your known pst file. Having done this I just delete the unnecessary (or superfluous) folder from my view.

Note to self: I like to batch the sending of my emails, particularly on the occasion when I have sent the email and decide to edit it again, so Tools | Options | Mail Setup, unchecksend immediately when connected. Obviously there are times when an email is sitting (languishing?) in my outbox waiting to be sent, and there are times when I have finally sent one but wished to retrieve it (alas this is usually impossible).