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(or see NewNewPloneNotes for Plone 4)

Plone 3.3.5 for Mac OS X:

Python 2.4.4, installed at InstallDestination/Python-2.4

Zope 2.10.7, installed at InstallDestination/Zope-2.10.7-final


Needed to chmod the install folder, default permissions restrictive.

/Applications/Plone/zinstance/bin/plonectl start

At some point Python asks permission to accept web connections.

Terminal displays:

This is the first start of this instance.
Creating Data.fs and a Plone site.
We only need to do this once, but it takes some time.
Creating Plone site at /Plone in ZODB...
Installed Plone standard content
Finished adding Plone site
instance: . daemon process

http://localhost:8080 whoops, nothing happening? (on reflection I think it was because I hadn't run the 'buildout' after changing the listen port from 8080 to ). Mac uninstall simple enough. Delete folder InstallDestination/Plone and Remove startup item at /Library/StartupItems/Plone

Start again and see what I missed... Same permissions restrictions after installation so this time chown Plone folder to self instead of chmod Start the process as before from xterm: /Applications/Plone/zinstance/bin/plonectl start top shows two python processes running so guessing Plone is up. http://localhost:8080/ opens and I can see the Plone start page so that's ok then.

Get CMF Bibliography AT and ATBiblioList to see if they work...

Starting with CMF Bibliography AT...

  • Copy folder 'Products.CMFBibliographyAT-1.0.5' into /Applications/Plone/buildout-cache/eggs
  • Do the same with ATExtensions which CM Bibliography AT says it needs.
  • Add 'Products.CMFBibliographyAT' to the 'eggs' section of the buildout.cfg file and re-run buildout.

Update the /Plone/zinstance/buildout.cfg


./bin/buildout -n

Well well, interesting behaviour, the buildout picks up the product folder and compiles a 'Products.CMFBibliographyAT-1.1.0b6-py2.4.egg' folder. Loads of SyntaxError messages however, doubt it'll load... Probably need to restart the Plone/Zope instance to see though.