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My new new plone notes, i.e. Plone 4 stuff. (not my NewPloneNotes from before)

After running the installer: On Windows run the Plone controller to startup. On Mac run an xterm or the and run the following command line:

 /Applications/Plone/zinstance/bin/plonectl start
 /Applications/Plone/zinstance/bin/plonectl stop


Starting and stopping can take a minute or two to complete.

I like to keep track of how much memory plone/python is using so run Activity on Mac or the Task Manager on Windows and keep an eye on the python processes.

Opps! To make changes I'll need to run the Plone buildout but this won't work until I've changed folder/file permissions on the /Plone folder (same issue for Mac and Windows if you installed from a user account rather than an administrator account). For Mac I had to go to the file system and chmod the install folder, default permissions were restrictive. chown -R self to take ownership and chmod -R 777 will let me read-write-execute on the trial installation. Might need to use sudo in conjunction with these commands and root password to do this. For Windows I selected the folder properties and modified permissions via the sharing option.

Edit the buildout.cfg to change the HttpLlistenPort from 8080 to something else. Need to run buildout from the /zinstance/bin folder to do this. On Mac I may have to add the Plone/zinstance/bin to the env. Do this from the terminal (xterm or, env will return the current working environment. I may need to add the path to my .bashrc so how to do this? From the terminal cd to my home folder (just type cd or cd ~ and return to get to my folder in /Users/). Have a look at my .bashrc by entering less .bashrc (dot files are usually hidden in standard console listings). Use vi, enter vi .bashrc and edit the path statement, i.e. enter edit mode by typing Shift A or :e and then add to the export line, something like export PATH=$PATH:/usr/games:/Applications/Plone/zinstance/bin Now get vi to write the changes back to the file by entering ESC and typing :w and quit from vi by entering :q I can refresh my bash console by just entering bash. Type env to make sure the change is present, then test that I can run buildout cleanly.

On Windows all I need to do is add Plone/bin to the system path then start a new cmd.exe and run buildout from the root Plone folder where the base and other files are (/zinstance/bin is just for bin stuff).

I want to add a product so I use the egg-buildout mechanism. Again I go to edit thebuildout.cfg file, add the product name to the egg section. A really good approach because buildout will grab (from the Internet) the egg and all other files and install them automatically (generally). Magical! I might also need to the QuickInstallerTool or the external method install to register this product.

I need to configure the Plone email settings so it can communicate with me (the administrator) but our email is hosted by Google rather than internally. What should I do? Point to SMTP.GMAIL.COM port 587 and the gmail account ID and login password. If using an internal SMTP server then the simpler local settings apply.

Migrating from Zwiki to Plone 4 internal wiki page style and markup.

Preparing content for export/import between Plone versions. e.g.