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The As, Bs, Cs and Ds of UCD... "Understanding the UCD-isms"

See the UCD Students Union for Key Terms Explained, the UCD student's union is our port of call for plain english explanations of this confusing area.

New staff information on the UCD Computing Services pages.

Getting around Dublin by foot or bike... This is an excellent web site for providing walking or cycling routes for journeys in Dublin, your home-office commute. Shows you a route, gives the distance, calculates the calories expended by either walking or cycling. Really useful!

Awesome mapping tool,

Getting to UCD Directions & Contact Details:

The MIS group (including CITO and CMSS) are located in the Quinn Building on UCD’s Belfield Campus - coordinate D9, building number 48 on the following map link :

      Management Information Systems
      UCD School of Business
      University College Dublin
      Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
      Office Q270
      T: (+353 1) 716 4706  
      F: (+353 1) 716 4783 

General UCD transport information and maps

From Dublin Airport to UCD Belfield, by Aircoach (, the LEOPARDSTOWN / SANDYFORD route passes UCD's Belfield campus and the Montrose Hotel, fair is € 7 single, € 12 return.

Temporary/Student Accomodation Options:

Banks in Ireland:

To open a bank account in IE one needs 1. a local address; 2. a PPS number. on campus AIB bank gives nice benefits to staff, no fees or commissions.

Entertainment in Ireland:

Georgina Campbell's Ireland guide is a good starting point

Moving your family to Ireland

Primary Schools in Dublin

Contacting People in UCD

For contacting people outside the 01 area code from the UCD phone service go our lists for instructions, login required.

!PhD Students seeking scholarships and other funding

Add information, sites, tips, scholarships info, etc to phdFuding, login required!

Internet/ Network/ Computers

  • Proxy Setting (e.g. for guests using the wireless LAN)

    Your web client will need to have the following proxy rule to get public internet access while on the UCD campus. In connection settings use the following proxy configuration; (or on port 8484. With this setting guests to the Quinn School may use the wireless LAN to gain external internet access. If internal access to the University network is required then follow the registration instructions on the Computer Services pages as indicated below.

  • You have two options to apply for a computer account.

    Contact the Department Secretary or, if you have already access to the internet, go to the following site

  • Registering your Ethernet card

    If you want to use your own computer, you need to register the Ethernet card. You can hand in the form at the computer service centre. For the registration, you need the address of your Ethernet card. For a detailed description go to

    Users with Windows XP can find the address by performing the following steps:
    From the Start Menu choose Accessories, select Command Prompt. A dos window will be displayed. At the dos prompt type Ipconfig/all and press return. The Ethernet address is called the Physical Address.

  • Download the Novell Client
  • After installing Novell Client you can change the computer generated password by:
    *Logging on to your work station
    *Press contr. +Alt + Del.
    *Press Change Password
    *Choose the password you want to change. For the network it is UCD-Tree
  • Templates for Powerpoint can be found under S:\sharedfolders\commerce.
  • NAL offers applications such as SPSS, Office, Mozilla, etc. If you open NAL for the first time, use the following path: f:\public\nal.exe.

Publishing Books, getting an ISBN

The University Library provides information on obtaining an ISBN here. If the department is publishing a book or conference proceedings then contact the Bibliographic Services Department in the Main Library and advise them of the following; author or editors, the full title and the Faculty and or Department, for example;

  1. Author or Editors: Stefan Klein (Editor)
  2. Full Title: Relationships in Electronic Markets. Proceedings of The Eleventh Research Symposium on Emerging Electronic Markets (RSEEM 2004)
  3. Faculty and or Department: Department of Management Information Systems, Faculty of Commerce, University College Dublin

In your publication you should place the ISBN number on the inside front left hand page. You may also need to include a CopyrightNotice, the CopyrightNotice page provides explanation and examples.

PrivateOutlook - using a password protected pst file with outlook, facilitates moving from one computer to another (bring your outlook with you) and is a good front line defense for protecting your saved/stored emails from prying eyes.

UsingFTP - now archaic but still useful