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When the Plone installation is extended with the CMFBibliographyAT product, you can directly import bibliographic references via the BibTeX export format. You can easily export references in BibTeX format from EndNote. These references appear as bibliography objects on the website.

  1. Login to the website, go to your home folder.
  2. Select add item to bibliography folder to add one to your home folder, call it something sensible like "publications"
  3. Open this new bibliography folder (it's currently empty)
  4. Select add item and either choose an individual bibliographical reference type from the list (and complete the details presented), or click on the upload TAB and follow the instuctions to either paste in BibTeX formatted references or upload them directly from a file (perhaps generated by EndNote previously - see Q/A item).
  • Another tip; If you generated your publications list from EndNote, don't forget to ensure you have given each reference a label, or they won't be valid BibTeX, see EndNote
  • Another tip; Don't forget to "publish" the reference so that it appears on the page generated by the top level "publications" tab on the web site.
  • Handy tip; you can also export references from your folder, these will be exported into a file in BibTeX format.