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Feedback on the ISWorld page for Ireland can be entered directly in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Feedback gathered here or emailed directly to the editors will eventually make its way onto the ISWorld country page for Ireland.

What is ISWorld?

ISWorld represents the aspirations and interests of the community of academics and practitioners studying information systems. It comprises a broad and eclectic mix of philosophical, theoretical, ontological and epistemological perspectives without necessarily integrating or unifying them. Analysis of the listserv mail list discussions and articles published by associated organisations indicates a vibrant and active community undergoing periods of punctuated equilibrium as members challenge dominant interpretations and as theoretical positions strengthen or weaken under scrutiny.

The field of information systems is broad and is catholic in its philosophical foundations. Philosophical perspectives range over naive positivism, realism, post-modernism through to extreme interpretivism. Definitions of the field include systems development, hardware and software, design and development, systems supported by information technology, the uses of information technology for decision making, specialties in , organisation and social impacts, applied economic and agency models, information goods, network & market modeling, human computer interface design, policy and governance, social and political issues of labor, power, exclusion, opportunity...


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