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ARIS is a CASE tool, for business modelling. It can be used for business process re-engineering.

What's the connection with SAP? ARIS provides methods for descibing business systems as ERD, and ARIS models can be used directly in SAP installations. The tool is useful because the models can be stored in a central repository and accessed via clients running a local installation of ARIS.

Business process models can be developed in Excel or ARIS itself.

There is also a wizard for end users to automagically (and quickly) generate process models by selecting responses to a bank of questions.

Client Installation

From the ARIS CD, select client installation that allows you to work on ARIS models locally or on a model server.

Server Installation

Select the server installation option during setup.

Getting Started

From the Start menu, run the ARIS Toolset. The first time it is run you'll need to enter the license key provided (alternatively you can use the installation as a demo version).

The welcome screen provides an opportunity to learn about ARIS, create a new model or review a training model.

In the ARIS Explorer you will see your local model repository (place where your models are stored). Right click on the ARIS Network to connect to a server repository.