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Attempt to address linkrot by using of PURLs (Persistent URLs). This employs redirection and a standard directory-like presentation technique to solve the problem of changes in directory structure. The problem manifests as a "404 page not found" message.

We propose that the department website retain the following main locations or redirects:

/ (also accessible via STAFF and Staff) This should provide a directory listing providing contact details of all staff members and links to their personal homepage, research, etc

A standard staff web page should be available e.g. This should merely expand the link details of the staff member redirecting the visitor to whatever content pages they require (detailed CV, research interests, research publications etc)

/ (also accessible via RESEARCH and Research) This should provide a complete index listing of all publications produced by staff members and researchers in the department. Ideally presenting the information in Harvard Style Paper Citation format which we have adopted as our house style (see google search). Most researchers in the department use End Note so it would be a nice-to-have feature if the publication reference from the web page could be exported in some way to End Note (and back again if possible) - could this be done via BibTeX format?

/ this (or provide an advanced search interface for all publications)

/ (also accessible via COURSES and Courses) This should provide a complete listing of all undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the department

Individual course pages containing details should be linked off the courses page (e.g. / and existing content should be available for access by visitors and to be managed by lecturers

Links to the Business School programme pages should be provided from the courses pages