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CMFBoard is a a discussion forum system on a plone site

Download the package from CMF Board

Install the files into /plone/data/products. You don't have to use /zope/products and storing it in the Plone data/products folder keeps all the customisations in one nice place.

Do the usual add new item and add a forum folder into your site. Recommend you create a top level forum folder and sub-forum folders focused on specialised discussions.

CMFBoard can also be used to override the default discussions functionality available for Plone objects, see plone setup for the option.

CMFBoard is highly configurable, the quickest way to limit or expand permissions on a forum discussion is the change the state of the object. CMFBoard provides a number of useful states pre-configured, public1 allows anonymous viewing, public2 allows anonymous replying, and open forum allows anonymous to post new topics.