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Using CMFBibliographyAT

The key thing with bibliography objects on this web site is that individual members should manage your own publications in your own publications folder located in your home folder. The site then handles the display of all visible publications sorted by year and author. If you don't want to publically display a publication or reference then mark it as private. Members of the department may have co-written papers with other members, these will appear twice on the site search but once on your individual search as you would expect.

Adding a bibliography folder

The following sequence provides step-wise instructions for adding a bibliography folder to your home folder, and bibliography entries into the folder.

  1. Go to your folder in Plone (after logging in select my folder from the top menu bar).
  2. Ensure you are in the folder_contents view (the contents tab is selected from the object menu bar).
  3. Click on add new item, select bibliography folder and enter an ID and a descriptive title for your new bibliography folder object (example, assign the new bibliography folder publications for the ID (aka short name), and My Publications for the title).

Add a single reference to the bibliography folder

A bibliography folder holds and displays references to publications, sorted by year and author. You will now manually add a reference to a publication into your bibliography folder.

  1. Ensure you are in the folder_contents view of your new bibliography folder (the contents tab is selected from the object menu bar).
  2. Click on add new item and choose a suitable reference object to add to your bibliography folder (in this example we have chosen to add a Book Reference).
  3. Choose appropriate values for the fields offered for a Book Reference (anything marked with a red dot on the form is required) e.g.:
        Id: dbell3rdEd
        Authors: Douglas Bell
        Title*: Software Engineering: A Programming Approach
        Publication Year*: 2000
        Publisher*: Longman
        ISBN:  0201648563
        Publication Month: March 
        Note: Comprehensive revision, now includes Java examples and UML like approaches.

Upload lots of references in BibTeX format into the bibliography folder

Bulk upload of your publication references (you will need a text file or .bib file containing your references for the following steps).

  1. Ensure you are in the uploadForm view for your bibliography folder (the uploadForm tab is selected from the object menu bar).
  2. Select BibTeX as the Source Format for the references file you are uploading (this option is at the bottom of the page).
  3. Browse to the text file or .bib file containing your references.
  4. Click on the upload file button (your BibTeX formatted references will be uploaded nicely into the bibliography folder).

If errors are displayed start again but check the reference data in the text file or .bib file. See the EndNote page for tips on exporting your EndNote references into BibTeX format so that you can upload them directly into your bibliography folder.

About CMFBibliographyAT

Raphael Ritz has migrated the project to use Archetypes. !CMFBibliography is now called CMFBibliographyAT and development has been moved into the Collective area at Sourceforge. The collective filelist pages are linked here; 1., and here 2.

Currently no nice packages are available from the source, so how do you access the package? You're left with the option of downloading the source UsingCVS and adding the files directly to our Plone installation. See UsingCVS to familiarise yourself with CVS and accessing Open Source source files from Sourceforge.

Installing CMFBibliographyAT

For the purpose of installing the CMFBibliographyAT into Plone we used the following:

  • Plone 2.0.4
  • CMFBibliographyAT used was CVS 0.4 version on Sourceforge (link above)
  • Ensure you have installed Archetypes (our installation works with 1.2.5-rc5 which is installed by default by Plone 2.0.4 or available for installation via Add/Remove Products)

Problems with the installation.

I think problems arose because we had been using an earlier verison of the product (!CMFBibliography). The stumbling block was to do with installation and uninstallation of the skins. Uninstalling !CMFBibliography leaves an empty version of /portal_skins/bibliography/ which had to be removed manually because CMFBibliographyAT wouldn't install its own skins in the location even though it was empty.

Another gotcha is to do with the bulk upload of BibTeX references, in our case as generated by EndNote. Our use of EndNote didn't accomodate the use of unique ID's (aka label or reference name) for each reference. In BibTeX the unique ID is used as the short name for each bibliography reference, and this is used the short name for the bibliography object in Plone.

If you use EndNote a lot use the steps documented on EndNote for using it with !CMFBibliographyAT.