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A general HowTo for the many little jobs that make up the role of site, server and network administration. Use this area to collect and organise descriptions and instructions for these jobs so that the next person to do them has your guidelines and can refine them as they see fit.

  1. Backups: Backup is essential and often neglected. Backup seems tedious but must be done. No debate. We have a number of backup solutions available.
    • Copy files to an(other) area on the network.
    • Copy files to an external device.
    • Copy files to other areas on the same device.

    The backup policy is as follows:

    1. Selected areas of the file system are backed-up daily (see MISWEB_DAILY_BACKUP job). The backup saves unlimited revisions (once a day of the changed files only). The backup includes a recent copy of the registry, programs, the website and database.
    2. The daily backup is made on DVD RAM media. The DVD RAM volume labels are MISWEB_BU1, MISWEB_BU2, MISWEB_BU3, MISWEB_BU4 etc.
    3. The backup media is rotated weekly.
    4. Monthly archived versions of the backup files are copied onto CDROM for storage off-site.
  2. DVD-RAM backup is available for archive of data sets up to 4.7GB. Use the iomega Super DVD drive. Best to backup on DVD-RAM media, which can be rewritten, basically used as if it was a file system.
    • Get a DVD-RAM disk. The iomega Super DVD drive has a flat tray to hold media so you may need to remove the DVD-RAM disk from the diskette case (it may be that we only have diskette case stock available), this is done by pressing the circular button beside the copy protection lug and slowly easing the edge door open.
    • Pop the DVD-RAM disk onto the iomega drive tray, and load the disk.
    • If the disk was unformatted, the operating system should notice that an unformatted media has been loaded and offer you the option to format it as a file system. It takes about 30 minutes to format the 4.7GB disk as a FAT32 media.
    • When format is complete you can use the disk for backups, as if it was an external hard disk.
    • N.B. It appears to take about 90 minutes to copy approximately 3GB to one of these disks.