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The Wiki Front Page is your front door into the Wiki. Use the Wiki for quick collaborative or initially unstructured projects. A Wiki has the lowest possible barrier of entry of all dynamic web creation tools. Have a look at WikiWord for an description of Wiki Word rules.

In line with the principles of Wiki feel free to add your own content to pages in the Wiki. Play fair, and try to keep it structured in the same way as existing entries. Get familiar with Wiki using the SandBox .

redirect practicalities of adding redirects that work.
EduRoam tips/instructions for in UCD and for UCD users when travelling abroad.
NewPloneNotes aide memoire for Plone 3 setup
HowToAtlasti , footprints from an experience of getting to grips with !AtlasTi for interpretive research by a group of field researchers working on the same research programme.
HowToTransana , tips and shortcuts for transcription using Transana
The BigBlue IBM Supply Chain Management Machine, details and info.
HowToAris instructions for client installation and server connection for Aris clients.
HowToISWorld , our policy and tips for managing the !ISWorld Ireland pages.
The NewMembers wiki page is a catch-all area for new members of the department to keep useful tips and hints on things like getting on the internet in UCD, or finding primary schools for your kids (if you have them).
HowToPlone pages for new users of Plone (not Wiki) to help you get up and running with Plone quickly. Goal driven step by step documentation (no need to write any kind of script or software). Covers an explanation of basic concepts, AND instructions for completing basic tasks.
ManagingMyPublications . Instructions and tips on using the website to manage your own publications.
Using EndNote to enter, gather and manage publication references.
Using CMFBibliographyAT provides tips and hints for using the bibliography objects on the website.
The ConfiguringPlone wiki page indexes material for learning how to manage and administer Plone.
StructuredText : What does the Structured Text (and re-structured text) do? Is it some other form of markup up? Structured text is a low impact way of organising text so that it is rendered nicely in a compliant browser, no need for italics and underscore format options, you merely adopt conventions like "underlined_" to make a word _underlined, or "bold" to make a word bold. Think of it as a shorthand formatting technique. See StructuredText for the HowTo.
The AdminJobs wiki page indexes material for doing routine work on the servers, like backup, updates, user administration, policies and practices employed in the Department.
History Of MIS captures some key details of the history of the MIS research and teaching group at UCD.
CygWin With steps to setup, run and compile helloworld.cxx
MakingThreeDImages : Anaglyphic and stereoscopic photography
WhatIsContentManagement : What is Content Management? How can it be used to communicate, share knowledge and support collaboration among groups of contributors working in different offices, locations, timezones, computing environments (and not only computers, what about !PDAs and 3G phones?).

From ahiggins Tue May 4 15:48:52 +0100 2004 From: ahiggins Date: Tue, 04 May 2004 15:48:52 +0100 Subject: This is a wiki used by everyone Message-ID: <20040504154852+0100@localhost>

I think everyone should be forced under pain of buying the next round of department coffees to add at least one page into the wiki; as a form of induction into understanding the process of creating reverse indexed web pages

From unknown Mon Sep 20 13:09:21 +0100 2004 From: Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 13:09:21 +0100 Subject: Can anybody edit the wiki pages? Message-ID: <>

Q: What happens when I add a CamelCase[+] word in the comments section as an anonymous visitor?

A: Anonymous can add comments, but...

but cannot create a new wiki page due to the gruf permissions setup for the site. If you really want to add your own wiki pages you need to register on the site first.