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ITAIDE Drug Living Lab and Network Collaboration

Events, news items and related information - a board for following relevant trending news items.

News and Items of Interest in the public domain

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From 1 January 2011, traders will have to make an electronic declaration to Customs with security data on goods before they leave or enter the European Union. 13 Dec 2010

ITAIDE on and an engaging view of accelerated trade through better logistics data. 08 Dec 2010

EIA (the European Intermodal Association) is an association open to all transport modes: rail, road, waterborne, air. 05 Dec 2010

Ireland Perspective on Track & Trace for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry 12 May 2010

IEA's John Whelan on volcanic ash freight disruptions to exports relying on air transport. 19 April 2010.

New European Portal: presents Customs security procedures 19 April 2010.

Forfas report on Single Window potential (PDF file) March 2010

Cold chain briefing to life Sciences Ireland group 31 March 2010.

2008 Government agreed a 25% target for administrative burden reduction to be achieved by 2012. 30 March 2010

ITAIDE Project Review Meeting, 22-23 March 2010.

Competition law update on Parallel Trade 19 November 2009.

ITAIDE review and SC meeting, 5-6 November 2009.

TAXUD provide eLearning course on drug precursor control 30 November 2009.

Launch of the Good Distribution Code of Practice, for Irish Life Sciences industry 23 October 2009

Customs eLearning: New course on drug precursor control for businesses 7 October 2009

WCO developed Single Window EDIFACT Message called Government Cross-Border Regulatory message (GOVCBR) is officially approved 2 October 2009

Mobile onair goes live with BA London - New York route, 28 September 2009

Traceability introduces another barrier against counterfeit medicines announcement from aegate, 20 July 2009

A graphic depiction of the contents of counterfeit drugs Counterfeit medicine. Real danger. 19 June, 2009. (Pfizer supported the initiative)

eLearning course on the application of Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) numbers by DG TAXUD 12 June 2009

Safety and security amendment to the EU Customs Code brings important changes for businesses from 1 July 2009 3 June 2009

Drug Living Lab analysis: Comments on Air Cargo Issues 07 May 2009

Closing 18 May 2009: Consultation for EU Review of variations in Medicines Regulation, in particular packaging changes. 26 March 2009.

efpia position on strengthening control of pharmaceutical repackaging and parallel trade 26th April 2009

Customs: Transitional period for electronic advance declarations 2, April 2009

ITAIDE Progress Meeting, Room S4 (former F-3), Palais des Nations, Geneva 2 and 3 April 2009

Input to MRHA's Public consultation (MLX 357) on Measures to Strengthen the Medicines Supply Chain and Reduce the Risk from Counterfeit Medicines. 26 March 2009

Commissioner Kovács welcomes new EU Action Plan to combat counterfeiting in 2009-2012. 17, March 2009

TAXUD provided training materials for trade to train on Single Authorisation for Simplified Procedures 10, March 2009

TAXUD guide: How can right holders protect themselves from counterfeiting and piracy , 27, February 2009

The 6th annual, Cold Chain Storage and Distribution conference , Vienna, Austria. February 24-25, 2009

Forfás call for Submissions - Assessment of the Costs of Trade-Related Regulatory Requirements, submissions close 6 February 2009

EU and China strengthen co-operation against counterfeit and diversion of drug precursors, 30 January 2009

Knowledge, Training & Policies in the Maritime & Ports Industries: Dublin workshop, 22 January 2009

How EPC/RFID will help to transform your supply chain performance: GS1 Seminar, 19 January 2009

Safe, innovative and accessible medicines: a renewed vision for the pharmaceutical sector , 12 December 2008

EU Pharmaceutical regulation: no repackaging ban , 11 December 2008

EU action yields record counterfeit haul , 10 December 2008

Protecting the legal supply chain against counterfeited medicines , December 10 2008

Aegate Drug Authentication System Gathers European Momentum 17 November, 2008

Enabling high volume, granular sensor information with IBM InfoSphere Traceability Server 13 November 2008

European traders to reflect on the impact of security measures on the international trading environment. Securing the Supply Chain, Amsterdam, 5-6 November 2008

Trade management technology pilot Between China and Europe. September 30, 2008

Who has the AEO status? September 23, 2008

6th Cold Chain Distribution for Pharmaceuticals, Philadelphia September 22-25, 2008

IFPW's 2008 General Membership Meeting, at the Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt in Dublin, Ireland. September 14-16, 2008

Cold chain management and viability of global clinical trials. September 1, 2008

Proposals for controls on UK and Ireland - e-Borders July 25, 2008

Invoicing Study, EC launches public consultation on invoicing legislation 24 July, 2008

40th anniversary of the EU Customs Union July 4, 2008

Bled Panel: Issues and Opportunities of Product Tampering ePrevention. June 16, 2008

V2 work commences on European Interoperability Framework (EIF). June 12, 2008

The genuine danger of counterfeit pharmaceuticals (video commissioned by EFPIA) alternate source - Danger of counterfeit products video - commissioned by EFPIA June, 2008

Bayer Healthcare briefing on counterfeit risks and anti-counterfeit initiatives 22nd May 2008

Customs: Report on 2007 counterfeit goods seizures 19th May 2008

GS1 HUG (Healthcare User Group) establishes Healthcare section. April 7, 2008

fosstrak, an open source RFID prototyping platform implementing the EPC Network specifications. April 7, 2008

Public consultation to combat counterfeit medicines. March 12, 2008

Implications of RFID and related AutoID Technology, discussion showcase. February 12, 2008

Fourth global congress on combating counterfeiting, Dubai. February 5, 2008

Prove Introduction and Training. January 23-24, 2008

Trade Facilitation Ireland committee of the Irish Exporters Association. January 25, 2008

Australia's national Cold Chain Centre (CCC) - South Australia January, 2008

An introduction to the Drug Living Lab. December 12, 2007

Irish Medicines Board (IMB) concerned about fake medicines. December 4, 2007

e-learning modules on Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). November 23, 2007

The Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP) network. November 22, 2007

See the DLL briefing document for an introduction to the Drug Living Lab. November 22, 2007.

EU-China Customs cooperation. November 20, 2007.

Research colleagues at the M-Lab, St Gallen. November 11, 2007

China exports drug ingredients to customers in 150 countries. October 31, 2007.

Customs: Commission publishes the 2008 version of the Combined Nomenclature. October 31, 2007

The Irish Pharmaceutical Union delivers product recall notice service to Irish Pharmacies. October 2007.

EU public debate on future of pharmaceuticals from Europa ( October 2007.

UK Fake Viagra Scam. Various sources, September/October 2007.

On the Trail of Toxic Toothpaste. A Consumer Alerts the World! From the New York Times. 1st October 2007.

eGovernment Interoperability /ePractice cobranded workshop. 11 October 2007.

UBL Conference / eInvoicing workshop. 5 October 2007. Cutting Red Tape and delivering cost savings for importing/exporting SMEs. eTEN project tests portal in a global initiative encompassing SMEs from the EU, US, Australia and Latin America. June 2007.

DHL SAVR, vehicle mounted RFID package scanning mind those parcels - video

See the ITAIDE team at BLED 2007. 4th - 6th June 2007.

Major Progress Towards Paperless Trade at United Nations Forum in Dublin. 1st May 2007.

ITAIDE News from the 10th UN Cefact Forum, Dublin. 16th April 2007.

ITAIDE Life Sciences - Site Survey.

The 10th UN Cefact Forum in Dublin. 26th – 30th March 2007.

Press Release: A Single Window Vision Thursday. 7th December 2006.

Adopt open standards to enable collaboration. Friday 27 October 2006.

IBM trials 'Beer Living Lab': honeshtly. Thursday 26 October 2006.

Chill On, an EU project developing controlled freshness for food supply chains. June 2006.

Online system to fight drug fraud 16 October 2006.

More than 1,4 million cigarettes confiscated by Finnish Customs. Thursday 15 June 2006.

ITAIDE Flyer. 30th May 2006.

Press Release: Customs Systems Double Dutch for Irish Beer. Thursday, 13th April 2006.

Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) for meat traceability, UCD's BRC group April 1 2006.

UCD Agriculture, Food and Vet Science involved in Sigmachain project, April 1 2006

ITAIDE on EUROPA 3rd April 2006 - also see European eGovernment News Roundup, N. 136 - 04 April 2006.

Press Release: Irish involvement in ITAIDE research programme. Tuesday, 14th March 2006.

Press Release: ITAIDE at CITO, UCD. Thursday, 16th February 2006.

ITAIDE in the news, Ireland. 2006.

IBM Zurich Research Laboratory joint development of TREC for container shipments September 20 2005.

Prototype WHO Rapid Alert service reporting drug counterfeit incidents.

The Singapore Cold Chain Centre.

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This research is part of the integrated project ITAIDE (Nr.027829), funded by the 6th Framework IST Programme of the European Commission (see The ideas and opinions expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the views/insights/interests of all ITAIDE partners.