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ITAIDE - Drug Living Lab and Network Collaboration

Researchers at CITO (Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation) in the UCD School of Business have been awarded EU research funding as part of an international consortium studying the development and use of inter-organisational information systems linking public administrations and business organisations.

ITAIDE, IST-027829, EU 6th Framework Programme

ITAIDE on and an engaging view of accelerated trade through better logistics data.

The ITAIDE Research Programme (Information Technology for Adoption and Intelligent Design of E-Government) is a multi year, Integrated Project funded by the European Commission Information Society and Media Directorate-General under the Sixth Framework Programme Information Society Technologies (IST).

Drug Living Lab Introduction

International Air/Road/Sea Cold Chain Innovation.

Deep supply chain visibility is now feasible. Do we want it? Can we deal with it? Can we turn it to our own advantage? What are the new data possibilities of RF enabled cold chains, the current situation, the opportunities and challenges of managing real-time shipping data, the stakeholders (exporters, express operators, air carriers, IT providers, regulatory agencies) and the technology?

International traded goods are what drive the global economy. Trade is important but international trade is complicated and risky. Transport can be a tricky business; unexpected events, extreme weather conditions. Supply chain visibility helps us manage shipments but on analysis the current situation is far from satisfactory. Real time supply chain visibility is patchy at best. With current systems, the information available in real time represents perhaps 15 or 20 snapshots in time for a high value temperature sensitive air/road/sea shipment between Europe, the US or Asia over the two or three days of the shipment. Real time temperature control and event management is akin to a game of peek-a-boo over several days with only a couple of peeks allowed. We can do better and demonstrating better was the focus of the Drug Living Lab: Cold Chain.

For further information see the Cold Chain Demonstration

For a short introduction to the Drug Living Lab refer to the briefing document


News and Items of Interest

See our news watch page for a listing of trending topics overlapping or related to the focus and scope of the Drug Living Lab.

ITAIDE's Mission

The overall aim of ITAIDE is to facilitate the design and adoption of e-government practices and systems to improve the way taxation and customs information is exchanged between businesses and public administrations. The goal is to significantly reduce red tape while increasing the control and security of cross-border trade. The development of these complex systems, however, pose a range of significant problems many of which exist on the fuzzy boundary between the human and the technological.

The public ITAIDE web is available at The internal workspace can be accessed from the VE-Forum or by logging in to the public ITAIDE web.

Who are the members of ITAIDE? Click here to find out.



This research is part of the integrated project ITAIDE (Nr.027829), funded by the 6th Framework IST Programme of the European Commission (see The ideas and opinions expressed by the authors do not necessarily reflect the views/insights/interests of all ITAIDE partners.

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