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Locus of Innovation in New Service Development

This research is part of the "Locus of Innovation in New Service Development" study; a collaboration between CITO at UCD and IBM Research's Innovation Management consulting micro-practice. Please read the following introduction and briefing before registering and completing the questionnaire...


Thank you for agreeing to participate in this research.

In the "Locus of Innovation in New Service Development" study, we are interviewing executives involved in the development of initiatives which have been identified as innovative and are recognized as valuable within the firm.

We are investigating two lines of enquiry; 1) that as much as product innovation is primarily driven by the R&D organisation, there is typically no equivalent single organisational focus for innovation in services, 2) and that innovation in services may not usually be identified as innovation and will be defined and driven by various organizational functions depending on the type of innovation and the goals associated with it.

Definitions of Innovation

For the purpose of this research we view innovation as the use of new ideas or current thinking applied in fundamentally different ways that result in significant change. We accept broad definitions of innovation, going beyond invention and technical innovation to include innovation in all aspects of an organization and its strategic agenda, including but not limited to:

  • New services
  • New products
  • Channels/customers
  • Process (operations) innovation
  • Organization innovation

Please think of innovation across these broad areas when identifying innovations in your own organisation.

Structure of the Questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of two main parts; 1) characterisation, and 2) involved actors.

  1. Characterisation

    Innovation Name, Description and Category: Identifying, describing and defining the scope of the innovation.

  2. Involved Actors

    Locate key people and the stages of their involvement: Indicate or select the key people involved in the life of this innovation, and checkbox the stages at which they were actively involved.

    The stages of involvement employed here are three simple groups of activities; Generate, Develop, and Deploy.


The information provided in this questionnaire will not be published as is, nor will the company name be mentioned (unless this is explicitly allowed and permission obtained). In the final publication we will only refer to anonymised or aggregated data.

Descriptions of innovations will be treated as proprietary and confidential and will not be used in the presentation of the research findings.

The conduct of UCD researchers involved in this study is governed by the code of ethics and good practice in research. The use of individual's information is also described and governed by the University's Data Protection Policy

Commence the Questionnaire

  1. Before commencing the questionnaire we must ask you to complete the registration and consent form. Marked fields are required.
  2. If you have previously completed the registration and consent form then proceed directly to the Innovation Locus Questionnaire. Marked fields are required.

Our researchers may be in contact to discuss your feedback or to arrange subsequent interviews or fieldwork.

If you have any queries regarding this research please contact the site administrator by email.