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Locus of Innovation in New Service Development

This research is part of the series of "Locus of Innovation in Service Development" studies; a collaboration between CITO at UCD and IBM Research's Innovation Management consulting micro-practice.

Researchers interviewed executives involved in the development of initiatives which they had identified as innovative were recognized as valuable within their own firm.

They investigated two lines of enquiry; 1) that as much as product innovation is primarily driven by the R&D organisation, there is typically no equivalent single organisational focus for innovation in services, 2) and that innovation in services may not usually be identified as innovation and will be defined and driven by various organizational functions depending on the type of innovation and the goals associated with it.

Initial results of this study have been reported in:

GINZBURG, I., HIGGINS, A. & LICHTENSTEIN, Y. (2007) Looking for the Locus of Innovation in New Service Development. Proceedings of the 40th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Hawaii, Computer Society Press.

Please contact the authors directly if you would like to review a copy of this paper.

The "Locus of Innovation in New Service Development" study was conducted through interview and online, background information and questionnaires were available at the following link on-line

Code of Ethics:

The conduct of UCD researchers involved in this study is governed by the code of ethics and good practice in research. The use of individual's information is also described and governed by the University's Data Protection Policy

Following on research directions...

Service Level Agreement - Enabling IS for SLA Management of Outsourced IS

Service commitments surrounding (variously) the development, implementation and management of outsourced IS or software work have been notoriously difficult to both assess and operationalise. Where major consultancy practices appear to excel in the area, their knowledge, skill and experiences are closely guarded or obscured in fogs of positional spin and marketing, or lost in reams of industry briefs, cases and reports. This study provides a literature review of SLA management of outsourced information systems (and software) and it presents the detailed case of the development of one firm's enabling IS for SLA Management of outsourced IS which it employs as a 3rd party service offering to Irish firms.