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Tim Ingold Keynote #ifip82dublin

It seems to me that, over the course of my lifetime, science has increasingly lost its ecological bearings, while the arts have increasingly gained them. As regards the journey in my own teaching and research, I now imagine it as an Odyssey – a journey home – to the kind of science imbibed in childhood, as the son of a mycologist. This was a science grounded in tacit wonder at the exquisite beauty of the natural world, and in silent gratitude for what we owe to this world for our existence. Today’s science, however, has turned wonder and gratitude into commodities. They no longer guide its practices, but are rather invoked to advertise its results. The goals of science are modelling, prediction and control. Perhaps this is why, more and more, we turn to art to rediscover the humility that science has lost? It seems to me that the people who are doing what I understood – forty years ago – to be science are now artists. Thus, my project is now one that seeks to integrate anthropology with the practices of art, architecture and design.
Tim Ingold Keynote #ifip82dublin

Lucas Introna; discussant

Thoughts on Movement, Growth and an Anthropologically-Sensitive IS/Organization Studies

  • Tim Ingold – speaker
  • Lucas Introna – discussant
  • Donncha Kavanagh – chair

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