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Bringing ICT Benefits to Market

At a CORDIS workshop that took place at IST2006 on 23 November 2006; one of the main problems identified was the high-level of jargon and acronyms employed in press releases and other media material sent to press outlets. 'ICT is flooded by terms which makes it very hard for a normal guy to understand,' noted Mr Bernd Hartmann of MFG Baden-Württemberg.

Journalists interviewed in a recent survey said that they were generally wary about information they received about new products, seeing it sometimes as mere publicity for the businesses which were involved in the development process.

Panellist Mario Martinoli, Director of, added: "general media do not want to be fed press releases, it is better to provide resources from which journalists can build their own report." He noted that the focus of any press tools should be on what the product is and not who is developing it.

A contrary account was offered by one member of the audience from a UK-based university. He found from his own experience that a press release was more likely to get picked up by the media if the sender was a university, not a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME).

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