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"Software@" seminar series 2015 : how we build software

These seminars invite speakers from a variety of Irish-based software companies. Each speaker will describe the approach taken to creating software in their company, including topics such as software methodology, technology stack, issue tracking, software architecture and design, deployment, code reviews, testing, etc.

The talks should be of interest to anyone who wants to find out more about current software development practices.

  • Software methodology (how you would characterise it e.g. in-house, waterfall/staged, agile/XP/iterative)
  • Technology stack (a list/functional view of actual tools used to design/code/build/release)
  • Issue tracking (bugs, support, features etc.) How it relates to daily dev activities?
  • Design approaches; do you have a distinctive approach to designing? Where is design done? Who by?
  • Deployment; how you deploy builds or packages, or operate if a service. How customers get and use it. DevOps.
  • Code reviews, bench checks, pair programming. Practices around code and design reviewing.
  • Approach to testing, Unit Tests, TTD, how testing is done during dev, before a release, for each build etc.
  • Build; your policy for build/release, i.e. how you package, version, stage.
  • Feature request/development life cycle.
  • Quality Management Systems. What management system is in place? How it relates to Software methodology?
  • Team environment, numbers of people in typical team, typical daily interactions, how interactions captured?
  • Management challenges: knowledge management, career development, maintenance versus new product dev.
  • Software Process Improvement (differences if any between maintenance versus new product dev.)

The 2015 series calendar:

  1. Openet - How we build software - Feb 03 2015
  2. IBM - How we build software - Feb 17, 2015
  3. Realex - How we build software - Apr 14, 2015