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Difficulty in recruiting IT staff

EMPLOYERS in the information technology (IT) sector are finding it harder and harder to recruit Irish staff. (Irish Independent 25/05/2006)

Despite the bright career prospects it offers and surveys showing that technology graduates are better paid than others, increasingly employers are widening their search by advertising on the internet.

The number of IT job vacancies stands at 11,000 - up from 8,000 a year ago - and covers a spectrum which includes web developer, senior software engineer, systems analyst, IT project management, IT sales and technical support.

Reluctance to pursue a career in this fast-growing business is partly blamed on lingering memories of the 2001 downturn and a lack of understanding of what the job could involve.

Professor Michael Ryan, head of the School of Computing at Dublin City University said the numbers applying to study computing still had not recovered from the sharp decline after the dot com bubble. College acceptance figures for last year show that the number entering computing courses was 995, only a little over half the 1,809 in 2000. Prof Ryan said that "somehow students are not getting the picture". "They should be looking at the future, where everything from entertainment to medical care to management will involve computers and software. The future is exciting. When it comes to computing, we have seen nothing yet," he said.