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Nomology and Inter-Cultural Bridge

Cathal Brugha on Inter-Cultural Trust project research in China
Nomology and Inter-Cultural Bridge

Image credit: Allen Higgins

Professor Cathal Brugha travelled on a research visit to China June/July 2009 at the invitation of two universities. He worked with Professors Rong Du and Shizhong Ai of Xidian University, Xi'an on several projects: (1) The ongoing Inter-Cultural Trust survey and interviews of Irish business people who do business in China, which also involves Dr. Lan Li and a team of researchers in the Confucius Institute / Institute for Chinese Studies based in the Quinn Business School, (2) The application of Nomology (generic decision structures) to build an inter-cultural bridge between both cultures, and (3) An application of his Priority Pointing Procedure to help develop a Strategy for the Xi'an Economic Zone. He gave talks to Under-Graduate Students, Post-Graduate Students and Academic Staff of the university. They then attended the Multi-Criteria Conference in Chengdu where they gave papers, after which they were invited to give talks and workshops by Dr. Yuchen Song, Professor in the Department of Management Information System, School of Economics and Management, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology. Professor Brugha's collaboration with Professors Du and Ai has been ongoing for several years, one of which they spent in UCD funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council. In 2008 and 2009 they had articles published in the Chinese language, in the Chinese Journal of Management.

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