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About the Quadrangular Conference

About the Quadrangular Conference

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How we see ourselves, the Quadrangular Conference

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The Quadrangular Conference is all about presenting, discussing, challenging, debating and building on Research. Hashing out, testing, floating ideas, research findings and/or challenging theoretical and methodological issues concerning our research. We are theoretically diverse encompassing Institutional Theory, Ethnomethodology, Phenomenology, Theories of Practice, Actor-Network Theory, and others. Our research covers a spectrum of settings and organisational challenges – for example, developing countries, health care, business ethics, environmental issues, software development, IS implementation and adoption, and E-government.

We value reflection and reflexivity on the development of our research, its practicalities, methods and animation; asking ourselves, and challenging how we (as researchers) participate and interact with the subjects under scrutiny. We expect to be able to unpick the process of writing research too, its assembly, the construction of descriptions of putative realities, even pure stories, not merely representational or realist but interactively drawing on different texts, theories and people. We foster debates on interesting and unorthodox ideas in the intimate, incubative, inculcative atmosphere of the Quadrangular Conference.