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36 hr web site outage

Microsoft updates KB941644 and KB943485 crash web services: unrecoverable.

Installation of Microsoft patch/updates on 16/01/2008 caused irrecoverable corruption of web services on the server


HTTP services were blocked and unreachable to configure or view.

All services in Services applet appear to run normally, however open/configuring services hangs each applet including the network configuration control panel, firewall control panel, IIS and IPSEC services.

No meaningful message in events file.

Cannot back-out the updates, patch removal fails as uninstall service stalls/hangs on inspecting current configuration step.


The nuclear option (reinstallation of OS).

Upon applying the sequence of updates I note that KB941644 and KB943485 have been superceded by SP3. It appears the mandarins in Redmond addressed the problem we encountered in the service pack.

  1. b. The same or similar problem has been widely reported on administrator forum sites, some admins were able to back out the updates, our situation appears to be a worst case example.


  1. hours outage. 2 days effort.