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Games and Computer Gaming Opportunity in Ireland?

Commentary on Ireland's opportunities in the games and computer gaming industry.
Games and Computer Gaming Opportunity in Ireland?

Irish Game Engine Greats

From Silicon Republic. Pointer to an article by John Kennedy

"Few people realise that Ireland was once the epicentre of global gaming activity. In the Seventies, it was one of the world’s biggest exporters of video-gaming products, with Atari in Limerick and Tipperary manufacturing consoles and arcade systems." ... "But in a uniquely Irish way, we continued to play a role. In the late Nineties, a group of Trinity College Dublin (TCD) graduates created Havok, a physics middleware firm that powers the special effects and reality in top-budget games such as Assassin's Creed and movies such as The Matrix. Havok was bought three years ago by Intel for more than $100 million. Another company, DemonWare, also started by TCD graduates, made software that allowed developers to make games that could be played by multiple players over the internet. It, too, was acquired, this time by the world’s biggest games maker, Activision, for $15 million in 2007. While much of the game publishing activity takes place in places such as Scotland and Canada, the axis of opportunity is shifting in Ireland’s direction."

For full article see Silicon Republic online