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PKN at Dublin's Sugar Club

Tell your story in 6 minutes and 40 seconds with 20 slides. Slides set to progress automatically every 20 seconds.

In Presentation Zen (Reynolds, 2008) Garr Reynolds asks us to rethink how we present with slides, or rather, how we talk or present to people and the role that slides play in that largely one sided interaction. Reynolds own presentation (in the book) is influenced or inspired by Zen practices (aesthetics, mindfulness, connectedness) but is not itself about Zen. Simply put, the idea is for the presenter to become more concerned with design, preparation, and delivery. Reynolds points to the restricted presentation format of the PechaKucha style as an opportunity for presenters to impose much greater self discipline on their production of all three activities (preparation, design, and delivery). The objective is to apply PechaKucha format to turn slideware presentations into something much more interesting (and difficult).

Now Dublin has a burgeoning PechaKucha community. For more see Dublin PechaKucha Night