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Offshoring Information Technology

At 4pm on Friday 28 Jan in Room Q233, Professor Erran Carmel (who is currently visiting the MIS department from American University, Washington DC) will give a research seminar entitled "Offshoring Information Technology". [ABSTRACT] Ireland was one of the first of the new software export nations – or using today’s parlance, Ireland was one of the first offshore destinations. Yet today, much of the attention has shifted to low-wage destinations such as India. We will survey the global landscape of offshoring. What are the implications for the client firm? For the provider firm? For the client nation? For the provider nation? And what are the implications for the technical teams that now must collaborate over great distances and across time zones and cultures? I have been researching the domain of global software development for a decade now. I have been using three levels of analysis: the team (the distributed team); the firm (the client firm, typically); and the nation (the nation that seeks to enter the software export game).

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Jan 28, 2005
from 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM


Room Q233 Belfield, Quinn School of Business

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Erran Carmel

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