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ECIS 2009 Doctoral Consortium

Do you know an IS doctoral student ready to get feedback on their doctoral research from top IS scholars (see outstanding faculty roster below)? Is it time for them to begin broadening collegial ties internationally, building lasting friendships and rewarding professional connections? Doctoral consortia are an integral part of the academic path and we are inviting applications for the next ECIS DC where faculty will gather in order to offer you their insights against the backdrop of the world famous Dolomite Mountains.

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Jan 31, 2009
from 08:20 AM to 11:20 PM


Verona, Italy.

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The ECIS 2009 Doctoral Consortium will be held the weekend of June 5th-7th in Verona, Italy – the growing region of the sumptuous Valpollicella red wine. Information about the location, key dates and participation requirements can be found at:

While the backdrop of this year’s consortium is magnificent, we believe that getting top doctoral students from Area 2 of AIS will outshine even the Dolomite mountains. Therefore, we invite you to forward this message to the bright minds of the future and encourage their application.

Doctoral Consortium Faculty:

  • Robert Austin - Copenhagen Business School and Harvard Business School
  • Walter Fernandez - Australian National University
  • Debra Howcroft - Manchester Business School
  • Eric Monteiro - University of Oslo
  • Carol Saunders - University of Central Florida
  • Sandra Sieber - IESE Business School

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