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Design of a visual thinking environment

"As part of a larger effort to promote design thinking in management, I explore the design of a visual thinking environment for reflecting upon the personal experience of acting responsibly in an organizational setting."

Dick spoke on his thoughts for the potential of visual representation as a tool to surface understanding in IS design and more generally. Visual representation employed to facilitate a reflexive understanding of an individual's situatedness. Visualisation may become then another avenue to understanding, through the act of drawing - generative of thinking through - a person creates their own aide for holding firm a constellation of ideas, feelings and emotion which might otherwise remain as disconnected sense; isolated, unrelated, unconnected.


But what of embodiment or movement? Why should we privilege sight and its attendant occularcentrism?

Sight is undervalued! What is privileged is cognition, a particular calculative way of thought. It's not vision which is privileged, rather it is abstraction which is privileged. But of course the slides we use are abstractions; the little figure, the fields. The researcher is forever dealing with these recursive paradoxes...

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