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"Software@" 8bytes - How we build software

Our next speaker is Peter Barrett. Peter is one of the founders of 8bytes, a startup that offers App design, backend development, digital consultancy and services.

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Feb 26, 2019
from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM


Room B0.02, Computer Science Building, UCD

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...8bytes has a product/project mindset and a deep understanding of the organisational dynamics of software projects.

We'll be talking about the software development process: Specifications. Minimum viable products (and the impact they can have on the development cycle). Testing (TDD). Continuous integration and its tools. Modern service providers (AWS). Agile development. Real world considerations for shipping products (for example depending on the time of year there is a 3 day submittal process with Apple) Maintenance (refactoring, keeping servers secure and updated) Logging Monitoring * Communicating with stakeholders and customers

Space is limited. Please contact Allen Higgins if you’re planning to attend.

 Speaker:       Peter Barrett
 Role:          Backend Systems, Managing director
 Company:       8bytes
 Venue:         Room B0.02, Computer Science Building, UCD
 Date & Time:   Tuesday, February 26, 15.00-15.50, 2019

The 'How we build software’ seminar series brings speakers from a variety of Irish-based software companies to speak about the practices and practicalities around how we build software. Each speaker will describe the approach taken to creating software in their company, including topics such as software methodology, technology stack, issue tracking, software architecture and design, deployment, code reviews, testing, etc.

Hosted by:

  • Mel Ó Cinnéide, School of Computer Science and Informatics, UCD.
  • Allen Higgins, College of Business, UCD.