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IFIP 8.6, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Spain.

IFIP Working Group 8.6 “Transfer and Diffusion of IT”. 22-24 October 2008

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Oct 22, 2008 08:40 AM to
Oct 24, 2008 11:40 PM


Madrid, Spain.

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Ana Bernardos

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Today, most innovative firms in the IT sector cannot possess all the knowledge and business assets they need to be competitive. They must frequently rely on formal and informal agreements with partners not only in order to cooperate in technology/product development or system integration, but also to complete their capabilities in the associated technology transfer or diffusion activities. As a consequence, technology based innovation processes are changing to adapt themselves to deep changes in organisational contexts, making obsolete conventional models, methods and tools used to support technology transfer and diffusion in the IT domain. On the other side, advanced IT tools offer a set of new possibilities to facilitate the use of open cooperative and decentralised models where different entities asynchronously cooperate by adapting transfer/diffusion processes and roles to specific cases, situations, countries and cultures. This conference focuses on the new open co-operative technology transfer and diffusion models needed to handle IT based innovation.

Topics of interest for regular sessions

The conference focus will be on new theories and tools and best practices in cooperative and network-based IT transfer and diffusion.

Relevant topics include:

  • Cooperative IT transfer and diffusion theory and practice.
  • Public-private partnerships for IT transfer and diffusion.
  • The role of national, regional and local authorities in cooperative diffusion theory.
  • Public procurement of IT services and other demand-side policies as catalysers for open innovation.
  • IT tools to support cooperative technology transfer and diffusion in the context of Web 2.0 and future 3.0.
  • Case studies for specific technologies, geographical contexts, or organisations related to IT or IT-supported fields.
  • Open innovation models for public and private organizations.
  • IP rights management, IT standards.
  • Open business models in non-IT sectors.
  • Products, services and new ventures based on IT open innovation.
  • Making innovation with customers.

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