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IFIP 8.6, NUI Galway, June 2006

The Transfer and Diffusion of IT for Organizational Resilience. A Working Conference of IFIP 8.6, National University of Ireland, Galway, June 7th-June 10th, 2006. “The world is becoming turbulent faster than organizations are becoming resilient.” --Gary Hamel. In a turbulent world where companies are trying to realign their resources faster than the competition, resilience is the capability to absorb strain and recover from untoward events through continuous reconstruction. Resilience implies a capacity to be robust under conditions of stress and change. It can be achieved by creating and maintaining cognitive, emotional, relational, or structural capabilities sufficiently convertible and malleable to cope with a dynamic environment. In the competitive market-place, many countries are making the transition from technology-importing, efficiency-based development to innovation-based development. Organizations located in so-called “1 st world” economies are increasingly concerned with making local enterprises more resilient in their current location and firms in “3 rd world” economies are keen to establish and retain knowledge-based economic activities.

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Jun 07, 2006 08:30 AM to
Jun 10, 2006 06:30 PM

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