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Glenngarry Glen Ross

CITO movie screening at the Global Lounge

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Oct 15, 2014
from 06:00 PM to 08:30 PM


UCD Global Lounge, Belfield

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image: the always be closing speech

The movie might have more properly have been titled "the inhumanity of sales work"; this is a cruel story of survival in the worst extreme of a sales environment; pitting one against another, unachievable ultimatums, personal deception, a zero sum if not a minus minus game, one that no one can truly win, not even the winner.

This film is famous for two things: having an all-male cast and the most profanities per minute of any critically acclaimed movie ever.

Like that other all male film "Twelve Angry Men", it fascinates you more and more as it progresses. Amazing cast and great performances all round, particularly by the underrated Jack Lemmon.

Worth watching the 10 minute always be closing tirade by Alec Baldwin on Youtube (link)

(notes by Sean, Susi & Allen)