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Call for papers: Ethnography 2009

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May 31, 2009
from 08:35 AM to 11:35 PM


Liverpool, UK

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Abstracts (up to 750-words, excluding contact details and references) are sought for Ethnography 2009.

Ethnography 2009 is especially interested in research which examines the role and value of ethnography, theoretically informed or empirically based papers, as well as work-in-progress papers from new and young emerging scholars, in any of the following areas:

  • Public and private sector work organization and work restructuring.
  • New organizational forms and changing forms of employment.
  • Organizational and workplace cultures and sub-cultures.
  • Management-labour relations and trade union practices.
  • Accounting, auditing and governance.
  • Services-marketing, consumption and consumer behaviour.
  • (The Marketization of) Healthcare, education, local government and social and public policy.
  • Ethnographies of conflict, crime and deviance, resistance and misbehaviour (including researcher misbehaviour).
  • Business ethics and unethical business and management practices.
  • The prospects for shop-floor ethnography in an era characterised by the break-up of traditional forms of shop-floor and trade union organisation.
  • The contribution of virtual or new media mediated ethnographies.
  • The theoretical and commercial use of ethnography in consumer marketing
  • Ethnography, architecture and art.
  • Emotions, the management of emotional labour in organizations, and ethnography as emotional labour: dealing with uncertainty, fear, anxiety, stress, insecurity and danger in the field.

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