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Call for papers: Business-to-Business E-Commerce Track (ICEC08)

Call for Papers: Business-to-Business E-Commerce Track. International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC08) in Innsbruck, August 18-22, 2008

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Feb 29, 2008
from 08:25 AM to 11:25 PM


Innsbruck, Austria

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Business-to-Business (B2B) E-Commerce refers to the conduct of business between firms enabled by ICT. While during the hype, B2B E-Commerce stood for a new era (or even a new economy) in which e-marketplaces and exchanges were to play a dominant role, its focus shifted after the bubble burst and the sector matured. Today, the importance of B2B E-Commerce is still growing and businesses take pragmatic approaches in using ICT to support their dealings with each other, along supply chains and in various forms of relationships and networks. We invite papers of different methodological backgrounds that cover (but are not limited to) one of the following B2B topics:

  1. IOIS adoption: Inter-organizational information systems (IOIS) are the enablers of B2B E-Commerce. We invite research that deals with the proliferation, adoption, and diffusion of IOIS in and across industries covering aspects such as:
    • The proliferation of IOIS to support bilateral B2B process versus the development and adoption of industry-wide standards.
    • The role of various players (such as governments, associations etc.) in the adoption of industry-wide IOIS.
    • Multi theoretical frameworks, such as diffusion, collective action, power, transaction cost or social network theories, to explain the adoption of IOIS.
  2. B2B processes: Processes are at the heart of B2B initiatives. Using ICT businesses try to streamline, simplify, redesign or integrate their joint processes. We invite papers that are concerned with aspects such as
    • Business interoperability: standards and models for connecting core processes of collaborating firms.
    • Inter-organizational enterprise application integration (ioEAI).
    • The role of Service-oriented architectures and web services in B2B process integration.
    • The relationship between flexibility and partner switching on the one hand and process integration on the other hand.
    • The role of B2B electronic commerce technologies in achieving the aims of advanced Supply Chain Management.
    • The role of new technologies in B2B such as mobile and ubiquitous computing, RFID, etc.
  3. E-Collaboration: The management of inter-firm IT-projects, i.e. to establish B2B E-Commerce solutions, is challenging and demanding. We invite papers that deal with the particularities of B2B projects and focus on aspects such as:
    • Network and Inter-firm project management issues, methods, cases of success and failure.
    • Inherent complexities of B2B and supply chain initiatives that challenge their adoption.
    • Social and cognitive aspects of B2B projects, such as trust, social capital, knowledge creation, etc.
    • Legal and contractual issues: e.g. service level agreements.

Important dates:

  Electronic paper submission:  February 29, 2008 
  Paper notification of acceptance: April 30, 2008 
  Camera-ready versions: May 30, 2008

  Workshop/tutorial proposals:  February 29, 2008
  Workshop notification:        April 30, 2008

  Demo proposal submission: May 5, 2008
  Demo notification of acceptance: June 9, 2008

For submission instructions and other conference tracks please visit:

Track chairs: Kai Riemer and Robert B. Johnston

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