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The creation of knowledge within organizations

**Seminar by Professor Haridimos Tsoukas** **Topic: "The creation of knowledge within organizations - a post rationalist approach"** **Abstract:** Despite several insightful studies on how new knowledge is created in organizations, there is still no satisfactory answer to the question, "what are the generative mechanisms through which new organizational knowledge is created?" The purpose of this paper is to answer this question by drawing on the work of phenomenological philosophers such as Dreyfus and Taylor, literary theorists such as Bakhtin, and developmental psychologists such as Mead, Shotter and Wertsch. Building on the concept of interaction, which previous theories of organizational knowledge have identified to be the bedrock for knowledge creation, the paper argues that in organized settings new knowledge comes from the exercise of judgment - the individual ability to draw new distinctions concerning a task at hand, typically in the context of a group. New distinctions may be developed since human experiences already involve a certain level of articulation and as such they admit of further articulation. The process of articulation develops through organizational members engaging in three kinds of dialogical encounters: with real others, with imaginal others and with artifacts. Each kind of dialogue is conceptualized and illustrated. The overall dialogical approach adopted in this paper is illustrated by drawing on the work of Donald Schön.

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Nov 24, 2005
from 12:00 PM to 01:30 PM


Judge Business School, Cambridge

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