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The Dublin Web Summit

The founders of Twitter, Skype, Bebo, WordPress and many other high value web companies are collectively coming to Dublin later this month...

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Oct 29, 2010
from 08:10 AM to 06:10 PM

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How the Summit got started...

There seemed to be too few good tech events in Ireland and almost no sight of top drawer international speakers. So we decided to try and change that in late 2009 by creating an event that would bring together not just Irish start ups but the entire tech eco-system in Ireland. Enter the Dublin Web Summit. It’s a broad church, which does two things really well: It brings amazing speakers and an entire eco-system together.

We’ve grown from a few dozen people that attended our Summits in late 2009, to well over 1,000 people that attended our February and June Summits. Speakers have included the founders of Bebo, Wikipedia, Craigslist, InCase, DFJ, and WordPress, to name but a few. Their ideas, products, investments and services have had a truly global impact, and hopefully their stories have helped inspire and inform entrepreneurs, investors and professionals in Ireland.


Regular attendees include some of the best known global tech companies and some of the most exciting Irish start-ups. The global tech companies include Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, SalesForce, eBay, Paypal, Intel and IBM. While the start ups include,,,, and Jolt Online Gaming, to name but a few.

It’s a mixed bag of attendees, that also includes investors, coders, marketing professionals, lawyers, accountants and kindred spirits. It’s the people and speakers that make our events. We’re not into fancy branding. We’re just into bringing people together. And, that, we do quite well.

So, if you’ve got a business idea, run your own business, or are just looking for some great inspiration, great insights and great networking, then perhaps join us on Friday October 29th.

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