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MSc in iBusiness - Innovation through ICT

MSc in iBusiness - Innovation through ICT

Course Structure: iBusiness – Innovation through ICT

From September 2010, the MIS teaching area in the Smurfit Business School is offering a new postgraduate degree at the intersection of Business and IT: the MSc in iBusiness – Innovation through ICT.

The Irish HEA have approved funding for this program resulting in reduced fees.

This programme will provide knowledge, perspectives and skills with which to effectively manage innovation in businesses and organisations by means of advanced information and communication technologies (ICT).

Industry context of the course

The global information economy is increasingly influenced by the following trends in ICT-enabled business innovation:

  • Outsourcing of business processes
  • Global delivery of solutions
  • Larger and more complex ICT projects
  • Fewer customer built software solutions
  • Shift in the IT industry along the value chain from software development to solution delivery

These trends demand new knowledge and skills for ICT professionals and ICT-literate general business professionals alike:

  • A managerial perspective on system development processes, emphasising methodologies, testing, and quality assurance
  • Skills in business process redesign, change management and process modelling
  • Ability to make a sound business case for deployment of ICT in business innovation
  • Management of global sourcing of ICT-related resources and business processes
  • Ability to be a team player in distributed, cross-cultural, multiple time-zone projects
  • Knowledge of new developments which are increasing the ubiquity and reach of ICT beyond the traditional firm

Who is the MSc in iBusiness for?

  • Business and IT graduates seeking a career managing the delivery of ICT-enabled innovation to business and other organisations
  • ICT professionals seeking to move their competence area and skill-set along the ICT value chain, from production of software to delivery of business innovation through ICT.
  • General business professionals who seek to increase their knowledge of how ICT can deliver business value and enable innovation, and acquire the skills to use ICT products and services to innovate in their own functional areas.


The MSc in iBusiness will prepare graduates for careers such as:

  • Development Manager in ICT solution providers such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Eircom
  • Business Analyst in major consulting companies such as Accenture, KPMG, PWC
  • ICT Project Leader interfacing with solution providers in businesses such as banks, pharmaceuticals, retailing, exporters, and public sector organisations seeking efficiency and competitiveness through ICT.
  • Founding entrepreneurial start-ups which deliver or leverage ICT solutions
  • PhD candidature leading to an academic or industry research position

For more information

Visit the Course Overview page at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

Contact: Matthias Glowatz

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