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MSc in Business Analytics dissertations

Examples of MSc in Business Analytics dissertation topics

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"Short-Term Forecasting of Electricity Consumption in Non-Residential Buildings"

"Attributing sales revenue to direct sales activity"

"A Multi-Criteria Approach to the Construction of Team Performance Indicators in Professional Rugby Union"

"An investigation of applying Quantum Annealing techniques to the Ring Spur Assignment Problem"

"BA in Sports: Line-up optimization and player valuation in Baseball using GA"

"Anomaly Detection in an Environment Monitoring Network"

"A Decision Analytics Study of Mathematical Skills in Ireland"

"Pricing Strategy Project: An application of PPP and DISC MCDM within ESB Networks"

"Forecasting for Time Series Data"

"Revenue PAYE Customer Analysis: An exercise in clustering techniques to determine segments in the PAYE customer population"

"LP Modelling and Optimisation of Dell’s Business Planning Model"

"An Investigation into the Determinants of a Social Media AVE for Fáilte Ireland"

"Development of a Multi-Criteria Decision Support System for Early Diagnosis of Dementia in Elderly"

"Incorporating Decision Science into E-commerce Optimization: Comparing the Behaviour of Eastern and Western Visiters to"

"Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of Predictive Modelling in Classification and Regression Trees"

"The Automatic Geocoding of Address Strings to Electoral Divisions in the Republic of Ireland"

"Quantifying Local Transport Needs & Access Levels"

"Modelling Climate Change with Coillte’s Strategic Planning System"

"Determining the Optimum Location for a Theoretical Biomass Energy Plant"

"Credit card default risk classification using a supervised neural network with an immune-inspired learning algorithm."

"GIS modelling of Commuting Travel Patterns"

"Identifying credit card fraud in the online gaming industry"

A Healthcare Bed Management System using Discrete Event Simulation"

A Simulated and Quantum Annealing approach to the Unit Commitment problem in the Irish Electricity Market

Agent Based Models of Financial Markets: An Analysis with Small Securities Exchanges

An analysis of factors pertaining to content pickup and transmission over a micro-blogging network

Assessing the Viability of using Open Source tools for Marketing Analytics

Data Mining for Energy Market Pricing"

Data-Oriented Learning System based on Analysis of Customer Appointments in the Financial Sector.”

Developing a MCDM Tool to Assist in the Assessment of Academic Workloads

Identifying trader characteristics and their ease of learning

Mapping the behaviour of visitors to the Smurfit school website using Google Analytics"

Metaheuristics for Solving Medical Image Segmentation Problems

Monte Carlo Model for pricing of American Option

Opponent modelling in Five Card Draw Poker

Product Liability: Data Mining Historical Claims to Estimate Future Liability

In-house automated fraud detection system

"Dynamic Channel Assignment Using Modified Genetic Algorithm and Neural Networks"

Modelling the diamond cutter production process for an industrial diamond manufacturer using Discrete Event Simulation"

"A Multi-Criteria Decision Making Decision Support System for Deciding on Sectors for Investment"

Phased Multicriteria Credit Assessment

Design and Implementation of a Bet Matching Algorithm

Application of Genetic Based Optimisation Algorithms to Millimetre-wave and Microwave Circuit Design

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