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Triangular Post-Graduate Conference 2008

Supported by the UCD School of Business Doctoral Studies Programme

The Triangular Conference is the second annual triangular symposium organised jointly by Lancaster University, University of Cambridge and University College Dublin. The forum is co-chaired by Séamas Kelly, Lucas Introna, and Matthew Jones; bringing three schools and research programmes together to debate in an intimate, relaxed and informal setting.

The second triangular conference is hosted by the Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation (CITO), UCD School of Business.

Accepted Papers

The WIKI lists abstracts and full papers accepted for Triangular 2008.

Conference Benefits

Significant time will be allocated to each individual to present and discuss their research. We encourage you to consider this event as a forum for collective help giving and learning which requires attendees to diligently prepare and openly share their research difficulties with both faculty and peers. The faculty are committed to providing detailed feedback and also facilitate discussions around emergent themes. We expect a collage of conceptually and methodologically diverse presentations, provoking in-depth discussions in an informal and intimate setting.

Invited Speaker and Discussion

We are pleased to announce Professor Dermot Moran from UCD’s School of Philosophy as our invited speaker. Professor Moran will discuss phenomenology and re-examine its application into Organisation and IS studies. We anticipate that Professor Moran’s contribution (facilitated by Professor Lucas Introna) will bring fresh insights into Phenomenologically oriented IS and Organisational research and encourage an interesting discussion about its trajectories. (a recording of the seminar is now available)

Photo Gallery

Key Dates

  • April 18th - Abstract submission deadline (up to 500 words excluding refs)
  • April 28th - Notification of acceptance
  • May 27th - Final paper submission deadline (≥5,000 words excluding refs)
  • Wednesday June 4th - Friday June 6th - Conference Programme (to be announced)

Conference Chairs, Faculty and Students

  • Seamas Kelly
  • Lucas Introna
  • Matthew Jones
  • Dermot Moran
  • Robert Johnston
  • Kathy McGrath
  • Pamela Abbott
  • Camilla Noonan
  • Anita Mangan
  • Raoni Guerra Lucas Rajao
  • Peadar O Scolai
  • Simeon Vidolov
  • Isam Faik
  • Allen Higgins
  • Aleksi Aaltonen
  • Humberto Gumeta
  • Cecily Morrison
  • PJ Wall
  • Sinead Murnane
  • Michael Zisuh Ngoasong
  • Anita Popovska
  • Stefan Schellhammer
  • Elaine Tavares
  • Paraskevas Vezyrisis

Contact Details

This year’s organising committee is Simeon Vidolov, Peadar O’Scolai, Raoni Guerra Lucas Rajão, Isam Faik, and Allen Higgins.

Contact us:


Call for Papers

The call for papers invites scholars from IS and organizational studies to present preliminary research findings and/or challenging theoretical and methodological issues concerning their research. Acceptance will be competitive and numbers limited. We welcome theoretically diverse papers encompassing Institutional Theory, Ethnomethodology, Phenomenology, Theories of Practice, Actor-Network Theory, and others. Research areas will cover a spectrum of settings and organisational challenges – for example, IS in developing countries, health care, business ethics, environmental issues, software development, IS implementation and adoption, and E-government.

Click here for a pdf of the updated call for papers

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The Dermot Moran and Lucas Introna Keynote Lecture
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