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Quadrangular Conference 2012: Organising Relationships in the Network Society

The Sixth Quadrangular Conference for emerging scholars of 'the social', society, organisation and technology
Quadrangular Conference 2012: Organising Relationships in the Network Society

relationships in the network society

The Quadrangular Conference gives an opportunity for scholars to present preliminary research findings and/or challenging theoretical and methodological issues concerning their research. As an overarching topic, the conference focuses on the prospects and challenges of globalisation, information communication technologies, social and cultural processes and how they relate to organisational actors, as they attempt to make sense of and respond to these complex processes. The emphasis is on what these processes mean for how organisations are (re)creating, developing and establishing new forms of organisational relationships. The 2012 conference gathered many researchers working within these broad areas.

Davide Nicolini gave the opening address, asking ...can the practice-based approach be of interest to IS scholars?. A video of the address can be viewed at

Geoff Walsham provided the closing address, asking ...are we making a better world with ICTs?

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Conference Participants

  • Davide Nicolini (University of Warwick)
  • Séamas Kelly (University College Dublin)
  • Camilla Noonan (University College Dublin)
  • Brian Bloomfield (Lancaster University)
  • Gianluca Miscione (University College Dublin)
  • Matthew Jones (University of Cambridge)
  • Geoff Walsham (University of Cambridge)
  • Paul McGrath (University College Dublin)
  • Huw Fearnall-Williams (Lancaster University)
  • Sinéad Murnane (University College Dublin)
  • Michaela Edwards (Lancaster University)
  • Beverley Evans (Lancaster University)
  • Joseph Gardiner (Lancaster University)
  • Henk Koerten (Free University of Amsterdam)
  • Norman Su (University College Dublin)
  • Simeon Vidolov (University College Dublin)
  • Allen Higgins (University College Dublin)
  • Huey Tan (LSE)
  • Juliane Jarke (Lancaster University)

Contact Details

This year’s organising committee is Simeon Vidolov, Gianluca Miscione, and Allen Higgins.

See the call for papers on Google Docs, and the event notice at and at

The Quadrangular Conference was supported by the UCD School of Business and hosted by the Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation (CITO).

Quadrangular Conference 2012: Organising Relationships in the Network Society

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