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Vipassana and leadership

A seminar by Robert Freese (Deloitte Consulting)

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Feb 14, 2008
from 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM


Q201, Quinn School of Business, UCD, Belfield.

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716 4728

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The field of leadership development in mainstream organisations is growing rapidly as evidenced by the broad variety of approaches, techniques, and ‘gurus’ out in the market place. Much of the current practice in developing leaders is limited in the extent to which deep personal renewal which is sustainable can be affected. Two enduring approaches to leadership development include values based leadership and servant leadership; both of which are comprised of certain timeless qualities which lend themselves to more in-depth, transformational development experiences. How can these qualities be accessed and developed by individuals and organisations in a deeply life-changing manner which can be sustained through daily practice regardless of personal orientation and background?

Vipassana meditation is a technique which has been found to provide those willing to make the effort with just such an opportunity to transform themselves and become more effective as values based / servant leaders. This seminar will describe the philosophy and practice of both of values based and servant leadership development. It will explain the background of Vipassana meditation and the experience of attending a 10-day residential course. Finally the benefits of practicing Vipassana are linked to the essential qualities of the two leadership development frameworks, in order to describe the potential impact of their combination.

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