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A Seminar on Being-in-the-world-with-technology

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Apr 02, 2009
from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM


Q233, Quinn School of Business, UCD, Belfield.

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CITO session, 4pm, Q233, Thursday 2nd April.

A presentation on reflections on the role of materiality /technology in the way we relate to others and ourselves. Our goal is to instigate a discussion that, we hope, will go beyond the simplistic conceptions of technology and will explore the role of technology in the context of a relational and non-substantial ontology.

Presented by Simeon Vidolov.


In this seminar we discuss a specific kind of relational non-substantial ontology and argue that it may provide an alternative, and more holistic, understanding of ICT-mediated practices and the role of materiality. A starting point in this presentation will be the argument that our existence in the world is always already mediated by materiality/ technology and that we need to understand how modern technologies reshape our embodied being in the world. We then attempt to show how this perspective can have implications for developing a richer understanding of practice theory and ICT-mediated interactions.

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