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CITO Seminar: Ole Hanseth "Knowledge Complexities"

You are cordially invited to the next CITO seminar on Monday September 22nd at 4pm in Q233, the Quinn Building.

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Sep 22, 2008
from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM


Q233, Quinn School of Business, UCD, Belfield.

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716 4728

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Prof. Ole Hanseth ( of the University of Oslo will present a research seminar titled "Knowledge Complexities" on Monday 22nd Sep at 4pm.


This talk focuses on the systemic character of knowledge and argues that the complexity of knowledge structures plays important roles in many learning and change processes in (and across) organizations. In many cases where an organization tries to change itself, the complexity of knowledge structures involved may inhibit the learning which the change processes require. This is particularly true in processes where ICT solutions seem to enable radical change and where organizations are aiming at what we might call paradigm changes (like changes associated with globalization and transformation from the "old" to the "new economy"). In such processes knowledge may - due to its inherent complexity - appear as an agent having obtained significant autonomy. I further argue that examples of complexity theory, in particular what is here called "network economics" and to some extent supplemented with Actor Network Theory and the theory of Reflexive Modernization, may be helpful in understanding the systemic features of knowledge, how knowledge may seem to become a mere autonomous agent, and some of the behavioural features as such an agent.

ALL WELCOME (please circulate)

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