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Reading Group Nov 29th 2005

You are all invited to the next CITO Reading Group on Tuesday next (November 29th) in the UCD Common Room (Newman building) commencing at 4:30pm. Hoping it isn't too early for most. The reading for discussion is from "The Social Study of Information and Communication Technology. Innovation, Actors, and Contexts", specifically chapter 9 "Framing IS studies: understanding the social context of IS innovation" by Christanthi Avgerou and Shirin Madon. This article is an approachable and broadly relevant discussion of the tricky problem of understanding the behaviour in organisations subjected to or undergoing IS implementation(s). The authors suggest "that the relevant frame for the study of IS innovation can be traced by following the network of actors involved and, consequently by examining the institutional fields that have sustained their meanings of, and the attitudes towards, the innovation under study." Avgerou, C. and Madon, S. (2004). How does one produce the research framing process they argue for and what is the focus of attention if the frame can expand or adjust as needed? Is this Actor Network Theory masquerading as research method? Bring along your social constructively critical hats for a spirited debate.

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Nov 29, 2005
from 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM


Common Room

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