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Reading Group January 26 2012

Theorizing Practice and Practicing Theory - Martha S. Feldman & Wanda J. Orlikowski

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Jan 26, 2012
from 12:30 PM to 01:30 PM


Quinn (couches)

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Simeon Vidolov

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The reading is:

  • Feldman, M. S. & Orlikowski, W. J. (2011) Theorizing Practice and Practicing Theory. Organization Science, 22, 1240-1253.

This paper (and recent related articles) identify and develop what some consider to be a new are for organisational studies. Old wine in new bottles or a distinct shift in academic understanding?

What is this so called "emerging field of practice theory"? What does it mean to say that practice theory is practiced in relation to organizational phenomena? Is practice theory something you do? Is it a lens, filter, framework, theory, commitment to a philosophical foundation? Is theory an affordance for scholarship?

What does it all mean!

CITO reading group (Thursday 26th) in Quinn School (coaches). The start time remains unchanged at 12: 30.

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