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UCD's Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation (CITO) - An Lárionad Nuálaíocht, Teichneolaíocht & Eagraíocht, An Scoil Ghnó UCD


An introduction...

The Centre for Innovation, Technology & Organisation (CITO) is home to a multi-disciplinary research community that is broadly concerned with understanding the role played by information, knowledge and information and communication technologies (ICT) in organisational processes, both within and between business corporations and broader social institutions. More specifically, a key focus of the Centre's research activities is on understanding the dynamics of ICT-enabled organisational change, and on developing approaches and implications for the management of IS innovation.

The research activities of CITO are focused on understanding the relationship between innovation, technology and organisation, and the associated policy and management implications. Our approach is guided by the assumption that a sophisticated understanding of information and technology, and their role in the constitution of social and organisational life, should be based on an appreciation of how such artefacts come to be embedded within broader institutional (organisational, cultural, economic, political) contexts. As such, our research work is concerned with in-depth empirical studies of information systems implementation and use that are especially attentive to the underlying social relations within which such systems are embedded. We are committed to developing appropriate theoretical perspectives for illuminating such processes by drawing from a variety of intellectual traditions, including philosophy, sociology, political science, psychology, economics and organisation theory. The emphasis is on the pragmatic use of theory to make tangible and insightful contributions to management practice.

CITO’s work focuses on several research streams:

  • Understanding and managing ICT-enabled social/ organisational change (IS innovation)
  • Knowledge, innovation and organisation
  • ICT and new modes of organising in a globalised world
  • The production and consumption of technological artefacts

These streams aim to develop understanding of the relationship between ICT and social/organisational transformation, including the role that ICT may play in facilitating innovative or virtual forms of organising based on new modes of communication, co-ordination, collaboration, and surveillance and control. This has direct implications for the work of information management and the informatisation of social/ organisational processes, Knowledge creation and management. Our analysis is informed theoretically and empirically by paying attention to the practice of IS implementation/innovation; practices associated with IS strategy formation, evaluation, design and development, and the management of technological change.

CITO Member's current/previous research projects and interests

Diabetes Literacy - Enhancing the (cost)-effectivenss of diabetes self-management education: A comparative assessment of different educational approaches and conditions for successful implementation

  • Interim Management: The Irish Perspective
  • Technologies of Tackling Tax Avoidance: A Governmentality Perspective
  • Coding Value
  • Comparing Open Data Initiatives in the European Context
  • E-Infrastructures in the Irish Context: Cross-Disciplinary Evaluation and Return on Investment
  • Coding Space in the Digital Society: the case of the Irish Postcode project
  • InnoSense: Enterprise Ireland project
  • Strategies in patent management - a European analysis
  • Creating Mindful Public Health Organisations in the Global South through ICT-enabled Innovation: A Practice Maturity Framework Approach
  • The process of hybridization in the development of organizational structuring
  • The role of tribunals of inquiry as instruments of change and learning
  • Organizing practices within search and rescue organizations
  • Computer Game and Digital Media Development: industry linkage and collaboration practices
  • Public healthcare in developing countries (HISP)
  • Irish healthcare system (EPRs, Telemedicine)
  • Software offshoring (NetTrade-IndiaSoft)
  • Knowledge management in consulting services
  • The University and Knowledge Production
  • Corporate discourse and research intensive work
  • Technological innovation in MNEs
  • Organising to benefit from research.
  • Technology and Government networks
  • Trade & Public Administration, Network Innovation
  • ITAIDE (Information Technology for Adoption and Intelligent Design for E-Government) iIST-027829, EU 6th Framework, funded by the European Commission IST Programme. A collaboration with researchers at the Free University Amsterdam, University of Muenster, University of Maribor, and Copenhagen Business School, and industry partners.

CITO Alumni Research Projects

Frank Froessler: RTC (Real-time Collaboration Studies), Innovation and Change of Social Practices.

Simeon Vidolov: Basic Assumptions in Global Software Development.

Peadar O Scolai: IS Innovation in Healthcare, Implementation and Use of Electronic Healthcare Record Systems.

Audio and video (restricted access, login required)

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