The Cathal Brugha  Personality Type Test


          Find Your Extroverted Personality Type
                             Read This and then answer the questions that follow:
Your extroverted personality type gives your world view i.e.. how you see the world. You  discover your world type in exactly the same way as you discovered your introverted type, that is by selecting from one of three answers to a question

Go back in your mind to your earliest memories, to when you were very young. This time try and picture the world about you as it was then. Who do you think was the most influential or important person in your life at that time?  It might have been your mother or your father, your older brother or sister. Now bring that person to mind. As before, the important thing is to select the answer you prefer or that you feel seems the most relevant to you from the three alternatives given. If you find this very difficult try to answer one of the alternatives that follow.

An example of how it could be difficult would be if there was no significant influential person in your formative life. In that case your extroverted typing might have have occurred very differently and so the first few questions may not mean very much.



1(a)Which do you think affected that person the most?


1(b).What do you think that person lacked the most?

1(c).What do you think was the main driving force in that persons life?
Good example how to live lifeEncouragement to do what you wanted toHelp to do itFearAnxietyResentmentBad ExperiencesDiscouragementsBurdens