The Cathal Brugha Colour Personality  Test

 Explanation - Find Your Current Focus
First Choice: ‘What

Your first choice of colour reflects the energy that you think should be used to solve your problem.  It dominates your other choices which, by comparison, seem like refinements.  This is your first adjustment priority.    Your habitual first choice of colour reflects the energy that you usually use to solve your problems.  It reflects your style.  Within this habit are three preferences which reflect your Approach to Life
                                Colour                                        Description                                Activity
Red Pounce I am Making Big Changes
Orange  Procedure I am checking something out
Yellow   Price I am finding the value of something
Policy I am forming a consensus
I am promoting something
Blue  Productivity   I am doing what is expected of me
Indigo  Pliability  I am reorganizing  
Violet  Practice  I am doing my work

Table 1: Summary of First Choices

Summary - Second Choice: ‘Where’

Your second choice of colour reflects ‘where’ you think you should direct the energy associated with the answer to the first question.  You believe that your efforts would be most effective if you targeted this area.  This is your second adjustment priority and you wish to combine it with your first priority

                                Colour                                        Description                                Activity
Red  Pounce  In the area of making big changes
Orange Procedure In the area of checking something out
Yellow Price  In the area of finding the value of something
Green Policy In the area of forming a consensus
Turquoise  Promotion  In the area of promoting something
In the area of doing what is expected of me
Indigo  Pliability In the area of reorganizing something
Violet  Practice 
In the area of doing my work

Table 2: Summary of Second Choices

 Summary - Third Choice: ‘Which Way

Your third choice reflects ‘which way’ you are achieving what you have decided in your first two choices.  If turquoise was your third choice, this means that you are using some promotional approach to implement what you want.

Colour                                        Description                                Activity
Red  Pounce  By means of making big changes
Orange  Procedure By means of checking something out
Yellow Price  By means of finding the value of something
Green Policy By means of forming a consensus
Turquoise Promotion By means of promoting something
Blue Productivity By means of doing what is expected of me
Indigo  Pliability 
By means of reorganizing
Violet Practice By means of doing my work
Table 3: Summary of Third Choices
Illustrations of the Colour Test
You ask a friend in a casual conversation has he any news.  He says he is a partner in a business and hopes to retire.  He hopes that his colleagues will buy out his shares.  You ask him what his favourite colour is at the moment.  It is indigo (a dark blue with some red).  And his second and third current favourites.  They are violet (mainly red with some blue) and green.  Immediately you can tell him that he is restructuring (indigo) his work (violet) by negotiating the buy-out with his colleagues (green).  His colours have indicated the energies that he is working with.
You ask another friend what is her long term favourite colour, and her second and third.  They turn out to be orange, turquoise and blue. You say: you like to plan a lot in your own situation using a very personal approach.  That is, you like to examine new ideas and plans.  Furthermore, you prefer these new plans to be in the area of promoting something.  Finally, you like to do this by means of doing what is expected of you by the people around you.
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