The Cathal Brugha  Personality Type Test

Find Your Introverted Personality Type
Your introverted personality type gives your self view i.e. your point of view on life generally. Go back in your mind to your earliest memories to when you were very young.   Try to select one of the three answers given to any of the following questions. Give yourself some time when answering one of them, preferably without disturbance. The important thing is to select the answer you prefer or that you feel seems the most relevant to you from the three alternatives given. .
There are no good and bad answers They simply reflect an orientation which you have derived from your early life.
1(a).When you were young which do you think affected you the most ?
If you find the above question difficult to answer, try one of the following alternatives:
When you were young which do you think you lacked the most?


1(c)Which do you think drives you the most in your life?



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